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Baseball Paraphernalia : Fatheads

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Like every contemporary pusuit, baseball has its paphernalia and subsequent commercialization—in spades! This is glaringly clear even at games, where every third stall sells the team’s t-shirts, hats, and autographed balls. Several years ago Daryl and I went on a seven-day, six-stadium Sports Tour, and I bought at least one tchatchka at each stadium. Will I ever wear a pair of Minnesota Twins earrings? I haven’t yet.

Online, you can always get stuff from MLB. But I seek out the unusual: not just the predictable shirts, caps and pennants, but stuff like throw pillows, wall hangings, etc. The other day I happened to stumble on a site I’d never seen, Fathead, that sells a kind of poster I’ve also never seen. It’s made of vinyl and easy to stick and unstick to the wall. The pictures are of individual players, teams, season schedules etcetera; it’s the ones of players that I found most impressive. When you peel them off, you don’t have any background (see above)—just Derek Jeter in batting position, or Mariano Rivera in the midst of a pitch.  I can imagine populating the walls with a whole bunch of them, or you could decorate an entire playroom with a whole team, putting them into their real positions on the diamond.

Okay, I wouldn’t go that far—but I am about to get at least one of these things. In the interests of truth in advertising, I admit I’m getting one gratis simply for this post. It’s advertising, yes, but more interesting, dontcha think? I wish more businesses did this kind of bartering.

If you buy something at the site, use this coupon code for 15% off select products: SML15C

For free shipping, use this code: SMLSHP1

And go here to enter their sweepstakes where a Fathead Junior is given away daily during April.

Update April 28th: I received my complimentary Fathead poster today, selected at random: they told me they couldn’t guarantee my preference for a Yankee. Well, at least they didn’t send someone like the Red Sox’s You-kill-us. Instead, the Met’s David Wright arrived in full-size glory, making this Daryl’s lucky day.


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