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A Brief and Bitter Phillipic

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You’ve probably seen the commercial. A glamorous looking woman stands around glamorously sucking on a cigarette. Cut to an adorable but somewhat sickly looking child of indeterminate gender, sucking on an inhaler. The camera repeatedly cuts back and forth between these two visuals. I don’t know what it says, because I press the mute button and supply my own sound track:

“Oh fachrissakes, unless she lives with that woman, cigarette smoke is NOT the cause of her asthma!”

Did I mention that the child is standing outdoors during most of her scenes, taking in hefty doses of pristine urban air in between sucks on her inhaler — a rich stew of delectable toxins, the main ingredient being exhaust fumes from millions of automobiles, buses, trucks and vans?

If that child still needs that inhaler the day after every last driver gives up his or her vehicle (as, by the way, I have),  is the day that I might take responsibility for that child’s asthma, but until then, America, you can take your obscenely filthy guilt trips and shove ‘em where the sun don’t shine.

Note: I just found out today is Worldwide No Smoking Day! Perfect!


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  1. I haven’t seen the commercial – but if I ever do, well, you know me… I’ll pollute the air with obscenities and cigarette smoke at the same time!

    As ever, Marcy, I’m beside ya on this one as well.

    Were we separated at birth?–MS

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