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Kate Gosselin Goes It Alone

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Whatever else you might think of her, Kate Gosselin is one tough lady. Just a year after her very public breakup with hubby Jon, she’s back on television doing what she does best: running around with her little munchkins, laughing and loving and being bubbly for her audience.

Sunday night Kate Plus 8 premiered, followed by “Inside Kate’s Worlds,” which, unfortunately, I fell asleep during, and hope to catch on a rerun. Kate Plus 8, though, was the usual fun stuff: the sextuplets are now six, getting up there, and still unbelievably adorable; the twins are really getting up there; Mady’s still jealous of the gifts and attention bestowed on her younger siblings; and they went on yet another fabulous trip, this time to Discovery Cove, where they rode on the backs of dolphins, saw alligators, and fed parrots perched on their shoulders. The biggest change I discerned was the size of Kate’s boobs: I’m quite certain they weren’t as big, nor was her cleavage as deep, before. Even with a few weeks devoted to dancing (or trying), a year is plenty of time to get a boob job.

In an attempt to prove to the world that, despite Jon’s efforts to shut down the show by claiming the kids hated it, the crew’s arrival was a surprise to them. They were totally ecstatic, hugging the guys and shouting happily, “Back to normal!” One of them said something about Kate being “eliminated” (from Dancing with the Stars no doubt) so now things could be normal again. I noticed Mady’s face was not quite as joyful as everyone else’s at first sight of the cameras; this kid wears her heart on her sleeve, and might be taking on the family role of The One Who Feels for everyone else.

Of course, there’s no way to know for sure if this moment was rehearsed or not, but I’m inclined to believe it was real, mainly because I don’t believe much of what Jon says about anything. As time goes on it becomes more and more obvious that Jon’s a slimy, selfish prick. During their painful period of separating, I was desperately hoping, for the sake of the kids, that they’d reconcile. But now I think Kate is better off without him. She’s a dynamic, charismatic, energetic woman who deserves the chance to flourish. I never suspected Jon was holding her back, but seeing her today, and how she’s pulling through, tells me otherwise. Yes, she was pretty nasty to him at times – but maybe he deserved it. It’s hugely ironic, but the Gosselins have restored my faith in divorce.

Kate premieres in a new reality program, Twist of Kate, in the fall. It’s going to be interesting to see her life with her children as it continues to unfold.


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  1. Good luck with Kate plus eight..I enjoyed your first show..hold your head up high and enjoy your children.

    Do you think I am Kate?!–MS

  2. I agree with their divorce as well. I have a blog called Gosselin Diary, I started it when I too got out of a long term relationship and needed a distraction. I have discovered these things;

    1. Jon has (and always will) have the mental capacity of a 15 year old. He lacks maturity and ‘needs’ to be told how to act. I am rest assured Kate has more time for her 8, now the 9th (Jon) has gone. See the Radar Online videos, his actions speak louder than apologies.

    2. Kate is ambitious, and although she’s holding the fort (CEO of the Gosselin empire) she still makes time for herself and for a mother of 8, looks great. Anyone who says otherwise is either jealous or blind.

    3. Kate ‘needs’ to be on television. Her children’s private school alone is $70,000 a year (for all 8) and as a nurse she could not provide that.

    So, you either love her or hate her, if it’s the latter then don’t watch TLC, or google her. Instead, follow her lead and “keep moving forward”.

  3. Jon hadn’t wanted any children. She cajoled him into artificial insemination, and I’m sure her doctor advised her to cut down on the amount of embryos for the sake of everyone’s health. Having all those kids at once would have been a strain on anyone’s marriage.

    I never heard that Jon didn’t want ANY kids–he was a little ambivalent after the twins to have more, that I remember. But he was really into being Daddy at first. I can see it would be a strain, but I also see how the fun aspect of it, especially all the perks they ended up with from their show (trips, gifts, MONEY!) could bring them together. Jon is a very silly person, IMO.–MS

  4. And I really have to wonder how they can have any semblance of a normal life with cameras around? Then again, it’s all these kids have known, right?

    That’s right–they started being filmed before they were even a year old, so it doesn’t seem at all abnormal to them. I think a big part of what makes it okay is that the crew is genuinely affectionate towards them, and vice versa.–MS

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