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Low Carb “Cereal”


A pumpkin stem.

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This sounds strange, but take my word for it, it is delicious, and it really does taste like cereal. If you like pumpkin, you’ll love it (I love all things pumpkin).

Hot Pumpkin “Cereal”

•    1/2 C ricotta cheese
•    1 egg
•    1/4 C pumpkin puree
•    Pinch salt
•    Sweetener and flavorings to taste (syrup, fruit, brown sugar, etc.)
•    2 T flax seed meal

This cooks on the stove. It goes fastest in a non-stick skillet.

1) Mix up the ricotta with a spoonful or so of water to thin it out a little.
2) Whisk one egg into the cheese.
3) Add the pumpkin and salt
4) Sweeten to taste; add cinnamon and nutmeg or whatever.
5) Stir while heating on medium heat. When it goes “grainy” stir in the flax seed meal. Cook 2 minutes. Done!

Tip: Freeze the rest of the pumpkin in an ice cube tray and then transfer to a zip-type bag. When needed, just pop out as many as you want.


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