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Yankees v. Rangers Game 3

Mariano Rivera

Image by Keith Allison via Flickr

I don’t usually rant and rave publicly during baseball games, but then, I’ve never been as violently pissed off during a game as I am now. Texas Rangers scored 2 in the first inning, nobody’s scored since then on either team. Theoretically the Yankees might’ve caught up, even in the 9th inning–except that in the top of the 9th Manager Joe Girardi didn’t being in closing pitcher Mariano Rivera, who would’ve shut them down, and the Rangers scored another 4 runs….and are still swinging. Why didn’t he bring in Rivera? WTF knows? I never know why Girardi does anything he does. I just wish George Steinbrenner were still alive and came down to the field and fired Joe right now on the spot. Girardi doesn’t seem to give a shit if his team wins or loses.

The score is 7-0.

Yesterday I wrote a song about Girardi with the line, “Won’t You Please Go to Chicago, Joe Girardi.” The Cubs want him to come manage them, let him go. I’ll pay his fare.

The score is  8-0.

Is Joe enjoying watching this massacre? Where is Mariano?

At last, the top of the inning’s over.

Next Day: Jane Heller says much the same thing, only much more calmly and eloquently.


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