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Congress Poking Noses Into Baseball Players’ Habits Again

Where do they get off? What I mean is:


What I’m talking about is this:

We now know conclusively that smokeless tobacco endangers the health of baseball players who use it, but it also affects millions of young people who watch baseball,” (Senators) Durbin and Lautenberg wrote in a letter to Commissioner Bud Selig. “The use of smokeless tobacco by baseball players undermines the positive image of the sport and sends a dangerous message to young fans, who may be influenced by the players they look up to as role models.”

The above is excerpted from an article on about the use of smokeless tobacco on the part of baseball players. Congress doesn’t have enough to do, since our country is in such terrific shape, right? So it’s playing its favorite sport: attacking those who play sports professionally. I guess those who can, play, and those who can’t harass them.

(The crux of the matter, in my opinion, is that they’re a bunch of little boys themselves, who pull this shit so they can see and talk to and drool on their heroes.)

I recently blogged that I’ve finally come to understand players’ importance as role models to children–but this kind of crap is exploitation of that factor. If I were a baseball player who chewed tobacco I’d tell these a-holes to go straight to hell! I think I’ll do it anyway:

Note to Congress: GO TO HELL!


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