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Calling all Writers:

I’ve created a ten-question survey to determine something about the status of writers working online, and I hope a lot of you will participate.

With print markets in constant decline, many of us have turned to the digital market for work — only to find the pay rate a miniscule proportion of what we were paid by newspapers and magazines (which was never that great to begin with–now we count our blessings). That’s been my experience, at least, and I’ve heard it echoed anecdotally.

Whenever I think something is happening to me alone, I usually discover it’s happening to a lot of other people as well. In other words, rather than being “my problem,”  it’s actually a social phenomenon. Since there’s great value in the simple discovery you aren’t alone,  I decided to find out more about what’s going on out there.

Everyone knows what I’m talking about, so I don’t need to go on and on about this. I’m hoping I’ll have a lot more to say once people respond to the survey. It’s only ten questions, completely anonymous, and as usual you can get there with a click.

Thanks in advance. I’ll probably run it for a month or so.


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