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War on Birth Control

I’m so infuriated by the amped-up crusade to stop us from using birth control, I don’t know if I can be coherent. The latest flap in the ongoing battle for control of our bodies – and our souls – is that President Obama, in yet another attempt to placate the Catholic Church, found a way to cover the cost of contraception for women who work at Catholic institutions without the Church’s actual participation. Goody for him. Goody for the church. Not so goody for women, whose rights are considered only secondarily to religious freedom. That mythical guy in the sky takes precedence over living breathing human beings.

The Catholic Church has always opposed women’s natural-born right to determine our own destinies. What’s really shocking is a Presidential campaign waged on the issue of not just abortion, but birth control.  Rick Santorum, a viable candidate for a Presidential nomination, is running around the country shooting his mouth off about the evils of contraception! In the year 2012! It’s surreal. This guy has followers; in fact, he just surged forward in the polls while pushing the national debate on human rights, free choice, and family planning a few centuries backwards.

What I want to know is this: What do these people want? Do they envision a world without contraception as ideal? (It won’t happen, because even if they outlawed condoms and pills, women would find a way to use them. I recently heard that 98% of Catholics do.) Even so, I wonder, do these people actually want every (married) woman to bring forth a dozen or more children in her lifetime — or is this just a ploy to slam women back into their place? Do they want to overpopulate the earth even more than it already is? Do they think this plan will please their god? What exactly is the point?

Another thing I want to know: Do these companies and places that don’t cover birth control cover Viagra and other cock stiffeners? I bet they do. No further commentary needed on that point, is there?

You know, I can see what gets them going on abortion; many of us in the so-called pro-choice camp do understand why abortion disturbs them. But spermicide? This I don’t get. Apparently they don’t give a shit if we die in childbirth or die young, worn out from  pregnancy and motherhood. They don’t want us to have the time or energy to pursue goals outside the home, or make the kind of mischief we’re always making. They don’t want us to have a minute of free time to reflect upon our lives. It’s so maddening I can’t go on writing this.

After a short intermission during which I looked like the above baby, I’ve decided it’s time to take off the kid gloves. And the prim white gloves. And the sexy lacy ones. So here goes. The image that entered my mind this morning when I heard the report about the concession made for the Catholic Church was this: a bunch of priests surveying an endless line of little boys and girls as if they were their own personal playthings. Is that why they want us to keep ’em coming?

I realize I can now be accused of having no respect for religion. Oh well.


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  1. The Catholic Bishops–a bunch of celibates in funny hats. I heard the health care companies like to pay for birth control because it’s cheaper than paying for pregnant women.

  2. Thanks again Marcy for writing so clearly and concisely what so many of us feel.

  3. My thoughts exactly!!! So glad I found this post. Thank you!!

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