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Take Advantage of A Great Deal

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Not only has the price of HALFWAY TO THE STARS been reduced to a mere $3.50, but if you buy a copy now you can get it for even less!  Just go here to purchase*, and add this coupon code:FX22G. How much, you ask? A mere two bucks! Go ahead, make my day–and yours!

Coupon code for one month only, so hurry and buy your copy. Good beach reading, just around the corner.

*Be sure the Adult Filter on the Smashwords site is turned OFF, or my book won’t show up—I gave it an X-rating to protect little children from things they cannot possibly understand. I’m not 100% certain this is necessary or correct, but it’s the way things are these days; I’ve succumbed to majority opinion.


FYI: Please do not assume, when I post “related articles” on my blog, usually those suggested by Zemanta for WordPress, that I endorse, or don’t notice, or don’t mind, the typo’s, misspellings, grammatical errors, lousy punctuation and other careless or clueless material. I mind very much, in fact; the current ongoing deterioration of standards is driving me batty. When an article has relevant and useful information, however, I sometimes overlook shoddiness in the presentation and post it anyway.–MS 


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