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30-Year-Old Virgin

Though I hate to add to the sometimes malicious gossip about Lolo Jones and the many issues surrounding her, it’s impossible for someone like me, who puts in a lot of time thinking and philosophizing about sex, not to weigh in. My interest here really is in the issue of adult women hanging onto virginity as if  it was some kind of precious jewel, not in the Olympic track star who, by all accounts, has had a pretty hard life so far and attracts more criticism than she deserves for being open and honest about herself.

Jones is reportedly the most-followed U.S. track athlete on Twitter. She has shared much of her professional and personal life in her tweets,including her search for a romantic relationship.”–

It’s just that Jones pushes my buttons with her determination to “save” her virginity as “a gift to my husband.”  She claims that staying a virgin until marriage is one of the most difficult things she’s ever done (this from an Olympic athlete!). I just don’t believe her. The woman’s never had sex, or so she says, and if she is, as she also says, a devout Christian, then her head’s filled with fire and brimstone regarding sex, not with visions of joy and pleasure. So what’s hard? What exactly does she imagine she’s giving up?

When I was a young lass it was hard to remain a virgin mainly because I was making out with guys all the time. Lusty desire flowed through me day and night, so naturally it took an effort to put brakes on the action. At some point–about two years into all this making out–I no longer wanted to step on the brakes–but that was mainly because most of my friends had “gone all the way” and I wanted to join the club.

A lot of things have changed since then—let us hope!—but I still wonder just what Lolo Jones thinks she’s giving up. Is she making out with guys in the backseats of cars, so she’s pretty much living in the foreplay stage? With all the time she spends training, I kind of doubt it. Besides, the virginal chastity bullshit she embraces doesn’t allow for backseat action—or does it? Does she masturbate? Read porn in her bedroom at night? Does that stuff fit the chastity philosophy? From everything I’ve read about it, these activities are almost as sinful as the full Monty.

Now the issue that’s being debated on Twitter and picked up by other media is whether or not Jones would’ve won the gold if she’d been living like a normal 30-year-old. It’s an interesting question—up to a point. It would be more interesting if the Kinsey Institute did the research—they could invite Olympians of the virginal and non-virginal persuasions to compete against each other to see if there’s any correlation. What do you suppose would be the results?

Come on, Kinsey people! The world waits with bated breath!


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  1. Such a good piece Marcy.
    You gave my brain a little nudge again
    and a smile to my face.

  2. Thanks Susan! You’re such a loyal fan. I appreciate it.

  3. NOTE: This comment got posted on another page showing only a picture of Jones….Weird! I’m reposting; it isn’t a comment from me, but from the Crib Skirt Review, a site that sells, yes, crib skirts! Very strange…MS

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  4. Marta Huante Robles

    Hola Chica!!! What a great perspective on something I had no idea about. I went into a media free frenzy after leaving San Francisco. I did not know that USA landed a rover on Mars until 2 days AFTER the fact. So I had NO idea about this sexless wonder Olympian. Your most astute observation to me is where in her probably over the edge disciplined training life would she have the time to foment a relationship. Not to mention the Christian tenets that obviously guide her personal life. You always put a wonderful spin on life’s happenings. xxox

  5. Gracias, Marta! You fun and funny girl you!

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