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Why Do People Read Blogs?

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I just visited a blog that has over 8000 followers. How is this possible?! Her blog seemed average to me, mildly interesting, nothing to write home about.

I have less than 50 followers. I think I will just stop blogging, this is too disheartening.

I hit “SAVE DRAFT”, and went to visit another blog–which had a thousand comments! I don’t get it.

Once upon a time when we were young.

Once upon a time when we were young.

I seem to have gotten more viewers than usual today, most of them writers, in response to posting my short story “Letter Delivered As A Dream.” In checking out those who visited my blog, I discovered the freakish numbers mentioned above. I’m clearly stunned. And unhappy. I’d ask my readers to comment but I’ve done that more times than I can count, and only rarely does anyone respond.

It’s a brave new world in which I am feeling increasingly obsolete. I remember watching my mother experience herself more remote from the culture with every passing year; now I am experiencing the same. I shouldn’t be, considering I’m  67 and many people my age are still alive. Where are they all? I imagine they’re cuddled up with their “significant others”, the lucky dogs. Or traveling around and seeing the world.

Me, I’m just hanging out in a crummy neighborhood trying not to smoke too much, blogging my sorry opinions, suffering panic attacks, and wondering how things could have gone so terribly wrong that this is how I’m living my “Golden Years.”

There! Probably the most honest blog I’ve written in all the time I’ve been blogging. Take it or leave it, you 50 viewers.


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  1. yourothermotherhere


  2. I always enjoy reading your blog. I’ve also wondered the same thing, why do some totally mediocre blogs get all those hits? Beats me.

  3. I should actually be happy today, cuz I’ve gotten so many hits, first to the story I posted earlier. Maybe it’s a niche group, fiction writers? It’s all a mystery.

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. I shall try to come here more but I will not become your “follower”. I took that link off my site and I don’t click it on others. But I can still follow your writings and it looks like it shall be an enjoyable treat. Write primarily for yourself and people you want to know will arrive.

  5. Oh, I feel the suffering. I finally stopped checking my blog stats on a daily basis. I fret that I have only 25 followers and that the Facebook page for my documentary film has fewer than 100 likes. JUST today, as inspiration (?) someone showed me a blog of some super mainstream seeming person who has a total of 1 billion hits. Hmm. So inspirational. Thanks.
    Before blogs and being able to check out your hits and followers, did you think about how many people read your words? I never thought about how many people listened to a single thing I said until these stats became so easily available.
    Counting hits and followers is a trap. It’s like a chocolate covered espresso bean. Big, fun jolt of electricity when it’s on, crash when it’s off.
    I read your blog, and your blog means a lot to me.

  6. Brainreel: Thanks so much. Your words mean a lot to me.
    Honestly, I am not really obsessed with hits and followers–it’s just that when I saw these incredible stratospheric numbers on other people’s blogs, I wondered about it.

  7. Cheers, marcys. But what *are* they looking at when they look at those ridiculously popular blogs? What is the content of the content?

  8. Brainreel: Some of the blogs are popular for understandable reasons, for instance one young woman who writes all about dating. But some are beyond lame, and I can’t figure out what the big attraction is. Truly baffling.

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