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ACT II: Shoe Store

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As promised, here’s the follow-up to my shoe-buying excursion of two weeks ago:

The 20something salesgirl who’d waited on me when I bought the high wedgies wasn’t there when I went back to exchange them two weeks later. I selected 4 pair of shoes to try on—again, all black open-toed sandals, but with a lower heel this time. The woman waiting on me came out of the back room carrying 5 boxes. Can you guess what was in the 5th box? Are you ready?

If you guessed “Old Lady Shoes” you are 100% correct! Same style as the other pair, except these were a putrid color resembling rotten salmon. “I brought these even though you didn’t ask for them…” she began. I couldn’t let it go this time,  just had to find out what was in these women’s minds. “Why did you think I’d like these?” I asked her. “Beause they match your coloring,” she replied. Oh boy—I don’t know which is more insulting, the age thing or her saying I match rotten fish. I told her that the other salesgirl had brought me a similar shoe last time, and in my opinion they’re old lady sheos.

“Old lady shoes?” she cried out, apparently shocked. “I have these shoes!” Hm. This was food for thought: I had to wonder about her coloring” statement, considering she was black and I am white. At this point I just told her I didn’t like them, and was obviously looking for a dressier shoe.

It occurs to me now that maybe the poor salesgirls are under orders to push this line, either because there’s a kickback coming, or the shoes aren’t selling—probably the latter, considering what they look like. In any case, I bought a pair of open-toed sandals with a low heel that are not only gorgeous and sexy, but totally comfortable.

Curtain Descends, End of Story

Old Lady Shoe

Old Lady Shoe


New Shoe

New Shoe


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  1. Very cute. As I think about it, sandals have been easier to find than classic shoes. You’ve made me want to go look for shoes. Enjoy!

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