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Abducted Women and Toxic Masculinity

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WARNING: This post may devolve into uncontrollable cursing. Sometimes it’s the only kind of language appropriate for the subject/ event.

from abcnews

from abcnews

Cruel men. Lack of appropriate sex education and fight-back mentality for girlchildren. Stupid cops. A culture of toxic masculinity. All are part of the complex web that led to the abduction, torture, rape and imprisonment of three teenage girls. Neighbors ay they repeatedly called local police with reports of naked women chained up outside and other strange happenings at a house in Cleveland, Ohio. The cops claim to have no records of such reports. As Marvin Gaye sang, “Makes me wanna holler.”

book cover

Most of the news reports I’ve read and heard have been a bit gentler on the police, but Democracy Now goes straight for the jugular, interviewing  reporters for the Cleveland Scene, Eric Taylor and Jaclyn Friedman. The latter is also co-author of a book in which she writes about our culture of “toxic masculinity,” Yes Means Yes:Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape.

Ariel Castro A Real Charmer

Ariel Castro
A Real Charmer

There’s not much to say that you won’t find elsewhere–this story’s being looked at and published from every conceivable angle. Hopefully the stupid cops who ignored the plight of women once again–remember Jaycee Dugard?–will not go unpunished. But, as Jaclyn Friedman said, “Until we create justice structures” that recognize and try to prevent male dominance over women, this kind of shit is unlikely to stop, or to be effectively punished when it does occur.

I am just so pissed off. Fuck Ariel Castro and men like him. Fuck cops who don’t give a shit about women. Fuck incompetence and stupidity. Fuck dominating men who fuck up the planet and everyone on it. Fuck ’em all.


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  1. I approve of this rant! For the sake of the people that need to hear how it is, continue your truths!
    ~Twitchy the Witch

  2. Twitchy Witch, You made my day!

  3. I think you’re right, it’s so fucked up that it took this long. Thanks for sharing.

  4. My feeling is this, not very populär with many. Prostitution should be made legal. I think we will have a lot less of rapes and child abduction cases in this country. In Thailand, where I spend the winters, there are plenty of prostitutes and you never never hear of these kinds of things. My opinion only. Thanks.

  5. The above reply. Was Sent by me.

  6. Bernie, I agree about prostitution, it should be legal–but for a lot of reasons. I’m not sure it’s the entire reason these things don’t happen in Thailand, since rape and abduction are about power, not sex. But thanks for your opinion, always welcome here.

  7. Prostitutes are raped and murdered with depressing regularity. I don’t think that’s the solution.

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