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When Did You Lose Your Ethics, Mr. President?

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Edward Snowden

When did you lose your ethics, John Kerry of Viet Vet protester fame? When did you lose yours, Senator (D) Schumer, Selma and Abe’s Brooklyn boychik?

Senator Charles Schumer

Senator Charles Schumer

You’re supposed to know better than your creepy predecessor, Al D’Amato. As for you, Mr. President, when did you switch from Total Transparency to Spy Versus Spy? Was it after your first triumphant election, or the second time, when we chose you as the lesser-of-two-evils?


These guys are all berating Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who told the UK Guardian about the Obama Administration’s chief form of entertainment–browsing through our phone bills to  unearth terrorist plots. They call Snowden a traitor to his country and want to get him back to the U.S. so they can put him on trial. So far he, like Julian Assange of Wikileak, has managed to evade extradition. At the moment he seems to be in transit, but just where he’s headed is still a mystery. Ecuador? Cuba? Venezuela? My money’s on Iceland, just because nobody’s mentioned it lately–but a few days ago they did.

Interesting Piece of Trivia: Edward Snowden is the 7th whistleblower to be chased and chastised by President Obama; the number for all previous presidents combined is 3. You Silver-Tongued Devil You! Transparency my ass!

I wonder what some of our liberal politicians from the past might say on the subject, were they around–guys like Ted Kennedy: would he jump into the fray swearing at the traitor, or would he remind us that Daniel Ellsberg, the famous whistleblower of the 70’s, has evolved into hero status? What about those politicians still on the planet, like Howard Dean or Bernie Sanders? Are there no “respectable” politicians out there willing to defend a man of principle?

Julian Assange appears to be offering considerable assistance to his fellow whistleblower-in-exile: one of his lawyers accompanied Snowden out of Hong Kong, and “Assange told reporters from inside the Ecuador embassy in London where he has been himself hiding from arrest for more than a year” that Snowden’s received refugee papers from Ecuador. I like this. I like it that  Assange is helping Snowden. I wonder who reached out first. That’s a story I can’t wait to read. It’s about outcasts sticking together–the way it ought to be.

Julian Assange

Julian Assange

Demonizing Edward Snowden: Which Side Are You On? (New Yorker)


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