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It’s about time, I’ve decided, that I inform or remind readers of my books for sale, what with a new one just published and another one making the rounds.

Note: As many of you no doubt know, I’ve edited a dozen anthologies of women’s erotica. In case you’re wondering why they aren’t listed here, the reason is simple: I edited those books, and these are books I wrote. Completely. Entirely. To view the erotica, as well as books to which I’ve contributed, see my Publications List


 Love and other Illusions

A collection of short stories on love, friendship, joy, pain, breakups and commitment. The stories in Love and Other Illusions, while not explicit, vibrate with passion as they explore topics like the complexities of women’s relationships with men and with each other, the tragicomedy of STDs, and even adultery among a pair of octogenarians. Ebook available at Rennaissance Books, and as an Amazon Kindle.

HTTSHalfway to the Stars

New Low Price! $0.99

“What a strange new world I’ve come to, where the highest holy days honor masturbation and homosexuality.”

So ponders Rachel Max, a reporter from Vermont who migrates to San Francisco on a quest for adventure, work, and love, not necessarily in that order. As editor and writer for a sex-positive journal, it’s Rachel’s job to spin every story into an upbeat celebration. Walk with Rachel through the wilder streets of San Francisco, into the houses, flats, motels, and lofts where sex adventurers and radicals gather for parties, salons, hot talk and hotter action. Available on Smashwords.

SexForTheCluelessSex for the Clueless:
How to Enjoy A More Erotic and Exciting Life


My sexual self-help book—every writer has one!—came out in August 2001. Ring any bells? By the time I had copies in hand and was ready to do readings, it was post-9/11 and nobody cared about sex—or at least books about sex; all they wanted to learn and read about was Islam. I’m lax enough about doing publicity; between that and the timing, Sex for the Clueless was swiftly relegated to the crowded warehouses of ignored books. Better late than never! Clueless is still available on Amazon, and it’s well worth a read (say I modestly), as these reviews testify:

I bought this book at my local bookstore and it’s wonderful! Funny, informative and downright clever. It’s the best new sex guide I’ve read in a long, long time.”

“A wonderful book! although it did not teach me about sex (this i know already) it did help me feel more comfortable talking about sexuality with my children. I want them to grow up confident and at ease with their sexual side, and while i wouldn’t go into all the details found in these pages with them, I would certainly keep those very important lines of communication open.”

 Perfectly NormalPerfectly Normal:
A Mother’s Memoir


Who says you can’t write about sex and motherhood? A lot of people in the publishing industry, that’s who. Ridiculous! said I, and as soon as online self-publishing came to my attention I put my story up (written many years previous) on iUniverse’s Disability Press, at that time free for those of us writing on the subject. Perfectly Normal tells of my early years as the mother of a child born with a chronic medical condition.

It was 1965 when Daryl was born with hydrocephalus, a neurological disorder in which spinal fluid accumulates in the head, causing abnormal growth and other problems, sometimes even brain damage. A surgical procedure kept him alive, and, now 48, he lives independently.

1965: The comparatively Dark Ages for people with disabilities. I was just nineteen; like most mothers of children with disabilities, I had to learn motherhood while bombarded by self-blame, denial, fear, and resentment. I was confronted with a woefully inadequate medical profession, an educational system devised to meet the needs of “normal” children only, and the so-called helping professionals who marched through my life uninvited. This life experience radicalized me with regard to social attitudes and treatment of people with disabilities; by the time Daryl reached adulthood I was writing about the growing Disability Rights Movement. In Perfectly Normal  and elsewhere I wrote not only about my personal difficulties, but also social injustice. I purposely told my story without offering the balm of fake “inspiration” or an uplifting message. I told the truth.

Available as paperback or e-book  on iUniverse and Amazon.



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