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Three-Dot Shout

BestNecklaceWhen I don’t comment—or rather rant—about current events, injustice and / or news for any length of time, I get antsy. I feel like I’m all bottled up and just have to pull the cork. I would’ve loved to have Herb Caen‘s gig of three-dot writing, even if he did devote more time to Willy Brown’s hats than to current imagesevents. So here comes my version of three-dot writing.

Sign of the Times: A news headline on my home page today posits the question, “Was Wonderful Life Communist propaganda?” The smartest response I can make here is “No Comment,” the line that Ms. Magazine used to tag onto blatantly sexist ads way back when and still does for all I know…human stupidity knows no bounds, and today certain elements within the state of Utah are desperately trying to find a way around a court decision legalizing same-sex marriage, this is in Utah, the state where polygamists in the form of Mormons were for many years brutally oppressed, judged, shamed, and arrested; so they now want to persecute another group just as heartily. And why not? Isn’t it the American Way? As soon as a fringe group gains a modicum of respect by acclimation or copout —in this case I guess it would be copout since the Mormons voluntarily dropped their sinful living arrangements, so they get to stomp on another group that does things differently (though I should add that I have no idea if it’s Mormons who are leading the charge)…Two of three female musicians of Pussy Riot who’d been languishing in a Russian jail for the crime of bad-mouthing Vladimir Putin, (the third Pussy was freed awhile ago) were released today, about which I was happy­—until one of them opened her mouth. She declared her freedom was a ploy made by a cynical tyrant and she would have rather stayed in prison…Granted, she’s probably correct about the images-2cynicism, and no doubt Putin has some kind of agenda—like creating good will for the Winter Olympics despite his open hostility towards roughly ten percent of the participants. Still, the day you land on Get Out of Jail Free in real life, you’d be better off just walking out the door and  keeping your mouth shut for a few days at the least; if Typewriteryou have something to say or write later on,  go ahead, but Jesus, don’t fuck with state power before you’ve even taken a breath of fresh air, not unless  you wanna go back inside. If you do, then fine, go ahead, spout off the first thing that comes to mind; but if you wanna stay out for awhile, maybe even do something for those you left behind, first you go home, get laid, have a cup of tea, and map out your strategy. Now I’m worried about the Pussy girls…and speaking of pussy, last night I watched a Louis CK comedy hour on You Tube filled with references to and pantomimes of pussy, a term he denigrated. Don’t get me wrong, his sentiments were sort of feminist ; he praised the female gender while ridiculing his own, so that’s not what bothered me. No, what bothered me was the sight of this out-of-shape sloppily dressed creature enacting sexual intercourse in the style of an oblivious, selfish teenage boy. Again, he was ridiculing and insulting that class of people known as male—but watching him go at it was an act of self-torture; to put it into simpler terms, I felt sick to my stomach ; why is Louis CK so popular?…Ironically I’d turned to a comedy show for escape from Democracy Now’s story of a prisoner in solitary confinement since 1981. 1981!! I can’t handle it, I tell you, certain things that go on in the world are simply intolerable and *solitary confinement is one of them! Please let that man and all others who are in solitary out of there THIS VERY MINUTE ! This is cruel and inhuman…finally, another home page headline announced that Xmas shopping has been slowing down steadily since the day after Thanksgiving…Gee, I wonder why.

I feel so much better now. Don’t you?

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  1. Great rant, Marcy!!

    Thank you, Rain! I was afraid it was pure self-indulgence!–MS

  2. and thanks for the kind words to Kmareka

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