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Read An EBook Week March 3-9

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It’s the annual READ AN EBOOK WEEK, People, so get thee to Kindle or Smashwords or my Book Publications page and start checking them out—not only my books, but the hundreds, nay, thousands (millions?) of ebooks out there.

I have a ton of insights, complaints, and huzzahs I could say about the Ebook indie publishing explosion, but I don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade just bookmannow, and besides, I hardly have time to get this short information up here. I promise, however, I’ll be back just asap to write something more HTTSsubstantial. Meanwhile, you can get my book HALFWAY TO THE STARS this week on Smashwords ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Use the code RW100 at checkout to get this book for free during  site-wide promotion.



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  1. If I don’t have a Kindle or Nook gadget, can I read e-books on a regular old computer? Very slow techno-trudger.

  2. Yes, you can read ebooks on your computer. Not so comfortable, but do-able.

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