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I Hope Hillary Cried

I hope Hillary cried.
I hope she cried in Bill’s arms
and he came through.
I hope Bill stroked her hair
and kissed the top of her head and
whispered words of comfort.

I hope Hillary screamed.
I hope she screamed in the shower
with no one to hear
while scalding hot water
cascaded down her back
and a vein pulsed crazily in her neck.

I hope Hillary threw things.
I hope when she hiked those
magical New York woods in the fall
she picked up rocks, branches,
anything lying in the leaves
and threw them like a girl: angry, furious, fast and hard.

I hope Hillary laughed.
I hope Chelsea wisecracked
wicked and funny so she
got Hill hysterical, manic,
out of her mind with glee
and salty bitter tears rolled down her face.

I hope Hillary cried
for herself, for the tragedy, the misogyny,
the injustice and the pain.
I hope she’s carrying a righteous grudge
against half the white women of America.
I hope she cried in Bill’s arms.


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  1. Wonderful.. I have heard she got smashed and threw things. I’m with her!

    Thanks Nancy. That’s good to know.–MS

  2. Good work, Marcy! I haven’t been able to write about this (or anything) since the election, so I applaud you!

    Thanks Susan. I haven’t written a poem in a few years, then this was delivered to me.–MS

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