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Help Do My Laundry!

Dirty Laundry (album)

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This is an unapologetic bid for help, primarily in the form of money. Like most bloggers, I have no corporate sponsors and no membership base. I have been unable to (as they say in the blogosphere)  “monetize” my blog. Any support will be much appreciated.

Three ways to support Dirty Laundry:

(1) Read and/or comment

(2) Buy me one of the books on my Amazon Wish List

(3) Donate money via Paypal to Marcy Sheiner and /or Dirty Laundry.

Much appreciation for anything you can do!

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  1. Would you be interested in posting on the largest bisexual women’s site in the world? About 10K hit a day.

    We would love to have you as our editor for poetry, as we would like to exoand that article category, and you can link to this page as well.

    Please have a look and let us know.



  2. Marcy: I would buy you the Varieties of Religious Experience in a heartbeat, but…again, my techno skills are failing. How do I get it sent to you and not to me? Or do I buy it and then post it to an address you’ll give me? Your stumbling follower, Juanita

    Email sent!–MS

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