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Still Writing: New Blog

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Readers and other Dirty Laundry Followers! 


I’ve just begun a new blog, Still Writing, with a primary focus on writing, books, and most particularly, my books.While the site is still under construction, I’d be delighted to get some visitors, commentary, followers, and feedback. The construction is going slow, but there’s a hefty number of posts up that I transferred from another old blog, BookBuster, soon to be permanently shut down. In fact, I just put up a Dirty Laundry post from last year about the wide world of publishing, so come on over.


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News From The Laundromat

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Coin-operated American Dryer Corp. clothes dry...

Coin-operated American Dryer Corp. clothes dryer in a laundromat in Daly City, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two news items from my laundromat:

•  If you’re not too tired of reading  interviews with me—there’ve been quite a few lately thanks to my new Goodreads connections—another one is up at Troy Jackson’s blog. Troy’s another indie self-publisher whose interest in others of the breed has led him to give us a platform. So check out his space.

• I want to publicly acknowledge and thank sister and follower Juanita Rice for taking a suggestion on the  All Over CreationHelp Me Do My Laundry page where I list ways for my readers to support my blog. Juanita sent me a book from my Amazon Wish List, All Over Creation, by Ruth Ozeki.

That’s all the Dirty Laundry for today. It’s already almost 5:30 (a.m.) so I’d better g0 stretch these old bones, jump in the shower, and put on my editor’s hat for one of my favorite jobs, editing someone else’s novel.

May the rain keep comin’  and slake California’s endless thirst.

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Barry Zito’s Chatter: The Loneliness of the Ace Pitcher

Barry the Beautiful

I had to laugh when I checked my stats today and saw Dirty Laundry got its second highest number of views of all time yesterday. Under “Search Terms” were several variations of “Barry Zito Talks To Himself.” The phrase linked readers to the many posts I’ve written over the years about Zito, who I’m obviously mad about (if only he wasn’t so much younger than me…).

Anyhow, it’s true: Barry talks to himself on the mound with no shame or embarrassment. I don’t know if he’s conscious he’s doing it, but he must be, since he’s such a conscious human being–he meditates and does yoga regularly. I’d love to be a fly on the mound so I could hear what he’s saying. His chatter must help him in some way with pitching. Besides, pitchers are known to be the quirkiest players in baseball; some are nearly psychotic. I wrote a post about this once–but I left Zito off the roster of loco pitchers, since he’s so sane compared to the others. I mean, what’s a little muttering on the mound? It’s not like breaking a player’s hand (Hernandez to A-Rod) or throwing broken bats at them (Clemens to Piazza) or knocking down old men (Pedro Martinez to 70-something Don Zimmer).

When I was a kid I had a friend who talked to herself. She was an only child, and she told me she did it because she was alone all the time with nobody else to talk to. I’ve been talking to myself more and more as I get older, even in public; I’ve tried to control it, but cannot seem to stop. Part of the reason I do  it is because, like my old friend, I’m alone a lot these days.

Maybe that’s also Barry’s reason: up on that mound, he’s so very alone. Maybe his self-conversing is an antidote for The Loneliness of the Ace Pitcher. Whatever the reason, if it helps him do what he’s doing these days, he can do as much of it as he wants.

Go Barry Baby!